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Hainan Jinchang Trading Co. LTD

       Jinchang Trading Co., Ltd. is an import and export trading company registered in Hainan province of China. We are specialized in smelting fuel products trading. Our company's products include various specifications o...

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Chemical coke. Foundry coke .low sulfur coke. Metallurgy coke . Low phosphorus coke. Anode carbon block. Carburant
Coke production supplier
Professional services, let you save time, energy, and worry
The manufacturer
The price preferential benefit
After-sale protection
Tel:+86 18636741776
Processing customized
We can customize your individual products according to customer requirements, based on our many years of technology accumulation and innovative technical idea
Transportation team
We have a professional land transportation fleet and have many years of maritime cooperation with many large Chinese and international shipping companies,so we are still able to transport the products to your designated port or destination on time under the special situation/ under the situation that the domestic and international transportation are busy
High quality and abundant supply
We have also established many years of cooperative partnership with the most of the coking companies in Shanxi, China, and we can provide you with any type of products you need, while providing you with sufficient and stable supply
After-sales service
We are looking forward to establish the long-term cooperative relationship with customers to achieve win-win situation. If you have any technical problems while using our products, we are willing to provide you with relevant follow-up technical services.

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  • 13 2020 - 07
    焦炭網消息 合格的焦炭需要達到一定的指標才能進行高爐煉鐵,那么接下來我們就來一起看看: 1、焦炭中的硫分:硫是...
  • 13 2020 - 07
  • 13 2020 - 07
  • 13 2020 - 07
Industry News
  • 14 2020 - 08
    On August 10,2020, the latest price trend of the national co...
  • 14 2020 - 08
    今日焦炭期貨價格查詢(2020年08月07日)product nameopenClosed yesterday...
  • 13 2020 - 07
  • 13 2020 - 07
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Tel:+86 18636741776
Fax:+86 13935710573
Address:Zhaoxin mansion. NO. 17 Bihai Avenue. meilan district. Haikou city

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